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We are all walking each other home.

Becoming a Spiritual Guide and Hypnotherapist has become the most rewarding aspect of my personal awakening journey. I create and consult with a soul-led intention of helping others achieve the same joy as I have. For this I live in gratitude. Thank you to all who have shared there experiences with me, I hope by reading these personal accounts that many find peace and benefit.

Friends in Nature


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Sylvia, PT 

“I am in complete awe of your method and you. I just want to tell you how happy I am that I decided to take this step. I can't believe how different I feel."

Mosquito Effect Testimonial

David, BC

“If you are sceptical and don't understand how soul regressions hypnosis could possibly work as it does. This is how I felt. It still amazes me the changes I am experiencing in my life."

Mosquito Effect Testimonial

Rena, PT

“The experience is one thing, but how I feel after this experience... I can't express in words. Even not in the words: Thank you SO much!"


Sean, UK

“Your hypnosis was absolutely epic. You got everything perfect with your voice, sounds etc and something very unexpected happened. Very beautiful experience is all I can say."

Mosquito Effect Testimonial

Yvonne, CA

“Steph-Anise has so much wisdom to share and a special way of connecting spiritual learning with the authenticity of her personality."

Mosquito Effect Testimonial

Suzanne, BR

“I was really in a hole and would try anything. Without even noticing it, I have lost 9 pounds over the past couple months, my eating habits have changed without any problem or feeling of loss."

Mosquito Effect Testimonial

Mel, UK

“Sometimes the more I work on myself and awaken, the more lost I feel. Steph-Anise you have helped me trust the process as it is. From my heart, thankyou."

Mosqyuito Effect Testimonial

Dermot, IR

“I was surprised by your no-frills approach. Now, I am thankful you didn't pull any punches. You are shaping a new way of 

teaching spirituality and it cuts through illusion."

Mosquito Effect Testimonial

Sammy, NZ

“I love what you are doing; thank you for sharing. Since connecting with you, I have begun to explore my awakening in an entirely new way, and the results are awesome. Thank again. "

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