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Learn. Awaken. Evolve.

Master Your Mind - Transform Your Life!

Join our community and discover that all answers and healing already exists with you.

Dear friend,

I hope this message finds you well and full of the radiance of the present moment.

As we navigate the vast ocean of existence of such challenging times, I am truly inspired by the flowering of human consciousness that is taking place all around us. It is a time of awakening, a time when many souls are beginning to realize their true Self, potential and purpose in this world.

I understand that this journey of conscious awakening can be both exciting and challenging. It requires us to move beyond the limitations of the ego and delve deep into the realms of our infinite Self. It asks us to question the beliefs, systems and patterns that have shaped our lives, and to embrace a new way of being that is aligned with our highest truth.

Embrace this time of awakening, for it is a gift that calls us to live our lives with purpose and intention- our collective power inspiring positive change on our planet.

In this process of uncovering our true essence, I am here to offer insight and wisdom that will help you navigate this transformative experience. Together, we can embark on a journey of discovery, where the illusions of separation dissolve, and the interconnectedness of all beings becomes evident.

Living a life of purpose and higher potential is not just an individual quest; it is a collective calling. As we awaken to our own truth, we contribute to the collective awakening of humanity. Each step we take towards self-realization ripples out into the world, inspiring others to embark on their own journey of awakening.

May you find solace in the knowledge that you are not alone, you are a divine being, capable of extraordinary growth and transformation.

With an open heart and a commitment to the greater good of all.

The Stars

What Is The Mosquito Effect Community?

Steph-Anise created this unique and transformative space where you can freely explore your humanness and delve into the realms of expanded consciousness for healing and evolution.

One of the beautiful aspects of the Mosquito Effect Community is that it does not identify with any particular religion or belief system. It is a space that welcomes individuals from all walks of life, honouring the diversity of spirituality and philosophical perspectives. Here, you can feel safe to explore your own truth and connect with others who resonate with your journey.

At the heart of the Mosquito Effect Community is the intention to offer helpful, current, actionable and relatable tools, insights, techniques and perspectives; that both guide and empower.

Through the teachings and resources provided you will gain clarity, overcome challenges, and step into your authentic power. It is through the shared experiences and collective wisdom within this community that you can truly thrive on your path of Self-discovery and transformation.

Here's Everything You'll Receive When You Enroll:

Private Online Community made up of soul-led individuals walking the same path as you.
Monthly Video Teachings designed to help you activate and navigate toward your innate wisdom and inner guidance and discover your true north.
Members Only Discounts to Steph-Anises' 1:1 services, products, programs, and upcoming events 2024.
Exclusive Meditations and Hypnosis that will help you create positive change in your life and begin living as your true creative power.
Additional Practical Tools & Resources specially curated to provide support and inspiration right when you need it.
Free App. Download easily access your dashboard of resources, and stay in contact with our new members only application for your phone
Unlimited Access to our full back catalogue of resources, videos, downloads, and tools to use whenever you are called.

Take it from me, no matter where you find yourself right now or what kind of life you have lived; you can learn how to create a new story for yourself starting from today. One so amazing that your current self simply wont be able to comprehend. And it doesn't need to be difficult.

What Youll Learn:

The basis of all of my teachings are to separate ones thinking mind from our infinite, expansive and unlimited awareness (true Self). In doing so you will discover that you are the creative power in your life and always have been.

When we are able to consciously create instead of unconsciously acting out our thoughts, life becomes balanced, fulfilling and purposeful. You will be guided through powerful teachings and practices that will fundamentally transform how you perceive and experience your life.

Youll also learn how to:
Happy Girl


Liberate yourself from conditioned mindsets and beliefs and experience the fullness of objective reality.

Surfing at Sunset


Learn how to manifest what you want to experience and discover why most create what thay dont want.

Happy Girl


Create and foster deeper authentic connections with other characters in your life story.

Meditating on Bed


The first step in transformation is understanding how to spot egoic illusion, then use this awareness for growth. 

Outdoor Meditation


Invite the universe to guide you on your path towards ultimate peace and prosperity.

Wellness Coach


Live a life of fulfillment and purpose inside and out as expanded consciousness flows through you.

Enroll for Your Free 10-Day Trial Today to Start Enjoying
Everything Mosquito Effect Community Has to Offer 
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Each month Steph-Anise shares exclusive and insightful content that will shift your awareness beyond the personal and invite you to explore your innate, unlimited creative potential to create the life you most wish to exp.

Members can enjoy full access to all the previous monthly practices in our archive section right from the dashboard

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This is a safe space to meet and interact with other Mosquito Effect Community Members. 

You can turn on email or push notifications when others reply or like your posts, and also send and recieve private messages with other members.

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Steph-Anise will guide you through simple, powerful, and effective meditations and self-hypnosis practices with her audio collection, designed to cultivate a peaceful mind and expand your consciousness.

These audios are suitable for all levels of practitioner, and are designed as a road map for you to discover your unique path to awakened consciousness.

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As a member of Mosquito Effect Community you'll enjoy exclusive savings on all services, products, events, and online programs. 

*These discounts are exclusively for members of Mosquito Effect Community and you must be a member before the release of any new programs in order to recieve the member discount.

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Steph-Anise creates practical tools, how-to's, and more, to help you in Self exploration, intuitive development and personal expansion.

Each month she will highlight another innovative and  indispensable resource that you can enjo for yourself or share with friends and loved ones.

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Enjoy exclusive access to Mosquito Effects NEW members only mobile app. Staying connected has never been easier

Access your dashboard and continue your conversations in the community group, also get notified of special events and offers in real time!

Free to download through Spaces by Wix App

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