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Welcome to Over2You! We're excited to help you bring your creative vision to life. To get started, here is a selection of free and paid resources that you can use. We hope you find them helpful!


Discover the power of heart-centered branding with

our Inner Vision Branding: Crafting Authentic Identity 

online program.

Click here to unlock your brand's true potential.

Canva For All: A walk-with me introduction for absolute beginners!

Canva is by far the most user friendly design platform around. Designing is only limited by the limits of your imagination (and then they have templates for that). Let's get your creative journey started in this free course for Canva newbies. 

Canva for all: Beginner guide to Canva online course

How To Name/Design & Brand My Business That Aligns With My Vision?

So you have a calling to realise your passion led venture? You want to get noticed but don't want to cheapen your concept? Here I will walk you through the process of tuning in to your inner-self to craft and create your authentically aligned, kick-ass journey to success.

How to Name/Design & Brand my Business That Aligns With my Vision Skillshare Lesson

Hybrid Design: Elevate Your Edge In A World Of AI

How to use Ai to leverage your awesome creative abilities. Google is not happy with the wave of 100% AI generated content saturating the internet. Learn how you can stand out, get ranked, and remain ahead of the creative content game in 2024!

Hybrid Design: Elevate your create edge Skillshare Lesson

We all have the power to create unique ideas. Trust your creativity and the answers will come at the perfect time.

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