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How-to: Instant Meditation Method


The general theory behind the instant meditation method is that you can instantly reduplicate meditation at a moments notice, by having conditioned yourself to remember what it is like to be in meditation.

Instant Meditation, then, is accomplished by memory, and not by step-by-step meditation procedure.



  • Whenever you want to put yourself into meditation instantly.

  • Control stress, anxiety, anger, or any unwanted emotional dis-harmony.

  • For the practice of meditational self-programming.

  • Gain a deeper understanding and broader perspective of any given situation, as it occurs.


Special Notes:

  • Attempt this technique only after you have practiced meditation, consistently for a week, minimum.

  • This method does not replace a daily meditation practice.

  • The more accomplished the practitioner becomes at achieving meditative states, re-anchoring is required.



> Anchoring Meditational State

  • In the final moments of your meditation practice, for three seconds, hold back your breath after inhaling.

  • During this time, tell yourself, "As soon as I release my breath, I will anchor exactly this feeling, physically and mentally, of being in meditation... I am releasing my breath and anchoring this present moment."

  • Repeat this process three to four times, or as many times as necessary for you feel the moment has anchored in your mind.

  • Close your meditation practice in the usual way.

Once anchored during your meditation practice, one can reinforce this anchor at times of peace and calm, for example when falling asleep. Breathe deeply, and repeat the anchoring statement.

> Activate Instant Meditation

  • Whenever you want to access instant meditation - for whatever reason - do the following.

  • For three seconds, hold back your breath after inhaling.

  • During this time, stop all everyday thoughts by holding them back, much like the same way you are holding your breath.

  • Tell yourself, "As soon as I release my breath and mind, I will recall exactly what it is like, physically and mentally, to be in meditation... I am releasing my breath, body and mind into meditation."

  • Breathe deeply and program your mind while breathing in this manner.

As with any new skill, the more that you practice, the better at it you become. I have had wonderful results with this method and use it in my life for multiple purposes.

Let me know your thoughts and how you have benefited from using this method in your own life. Remember, I am here for you and my door is always open, if you have any questions, or a share to share, you can contact me directly at or in the members group.

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