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Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Mosquito Effect, Steph-Anise Leader

An amazing journey of consciousness

Transpersonal Hypnosis

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy offers an extraordinary opportunity for experiencing consciousness outside of the limited personal through deep soul regression.

By remembering your true essence (Self) and exploring past and future life memories, you can transcend the limitations of the thinking mind and tap into a infinite realm of profound wisdom, healing, and evolution.

"It's like a switch is flicked inside the clients psyche, the memory of home is awoken within there DNA - this event always catalyses a sequence of events that set the individual on a path of discovery and evolution. This is experienced differently for everyone, yet, the same in many ways".

~ Steph-Anise


Embracing this practice has led many on life changing transformative journies, allowing them to live more fulfilling, purposeful, and enlightened lives.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Mosquito Effect, Steph-Anise Leader

About Your Session

Following a brief induction you will be guided into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state where you can access your subconscious mind. This part of your mind contains all of the memories of all of the life experiences you have ever lived. It's completely safe and many report a feeling of  'having been here before'. 

Your Higher-Self guides the whole experience and presents the most beneficial scenes within relevant past lives for you to view, learn from, and to gain a deeper understanding of your current life patterns and relationships. You may be shown one life or a sequence of lives, each session is different.

However, although revisiting past lives can have many benefits and is always an extremely interesting curiosity, they primarily serve as a tool to deepen your level of trance to the very deepest somnambalistic state. In this state you will `be` your Higher-Self and connect with the infinite realms of consciousness, return to Source, or experience profound spiritual growth through mystical experiences.


This experience alone is why Transpersonal Hypnotherapy is so powerful. A small glimpse behind the veil is enough to catalyze biological and neurological changes that continue to evolve your earthly experience long after the session has ended.

The actual hypnosis part of your session can run for around two hours with additional time after to discuss and integrate your experience. 

To ensure that you can revisit and reflect upon your session, youll receive a USB recording of the entire experience. This allows you to listen to the session at your convenience, reinforcing the insights gained and facilitating ongoing integration of the transformative process.

What others are saying...

Client and customer testimonials and compelling accounts of Transpersonal Hypnosis experiences.

Why Book A Session?

Men and Women of all ages and from all walks of life come for a Transpersonal Hypnosis session for equally varied reasons. The benefits are vast and encompass various aspects of personal growth and self discovery.

Some may come seeking a deeper understanding of and healing from pain, discomfort, depression, or addiction, others may come with a curiosity of past lives or this life purpose. Some come with questions about loved ones or major life decisions. many clients are awakening to the reality of who they really are and want to know more of where they came from, how to align with higher mind, experience expanded consciousness, source,  and their connection to it.

Some key advantages include:
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Indulge yourself in a free 10-day trial to our private community.

  • LEARN from teachings and video guides

  • AWAKEN to your highest potential

  • EVOLVE with our open-hearted community

Start your journey of healing and consciousness evolution as you build a life of purpose, balance, and connection.

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