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Steph-Anise Leader


Throughout my life, I've learned that work should be an extension of your passion. As someone who's been in the game for over two decades, I know a thing or two about following my own path, even when it's not the easiest route. I love predicting trends and connecting seemingly unrelated dots to create innovative solutions that break the mold.

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15 Things to know about me...

Autism isn't a disability- it is an extra ability!

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Hey there! As the founder of my company, I'm super proud to be a champion for neuro-divergence. I've battled with dyslexia and autism myself, but I've also achieved great success by embracing my unique abilities. I'm on a mission to empower other non-linear thinkers to do the same and educate those who may not understand our strengths or challenges. We're an incredibly creative and innovative group, able to envision beyond the norm!

My Story.

Art and creativity have always been my medicine—a sanctuary where I find solace and strength. I navigate the world as someone who is both autistic and dyslexic, facing thousands of personal challenges along the way. Yet, amidst the chaos, art remains my constant, a guiding light through every twist and turn of my entrepreneurial journey.


I've ventured into diverse realms, from founding business's in the hospitality and wellness sectors to becoming a hypnotherapist and metaphysical minister. In each endeavor, I was the creative force propelling these businesses forward. Success and prosperity followed, but something always felt amiss. Deep down, my true calling was to create, not just for business but for the sheer joy of it.


Today, I stand at the helm of a thriving, passion-led creative venture, a space where I channel my passion into crafting visual projects that resonate with authenticity. Amidst the hustle, I continue to nurture my own artistic pursuits, finding the delicate balance that eluded me in previous ventures.

I'm not the most tech-savvy person, but I've built a successful company around digital creativity. I taught myself through trial and error, driven by a compulsion to design beautiful work. If I can do it, anyone willing to explore new paths can do it too. 

In the spirit of giving back, I devote time to karma yoga (for those who aren't familiar, karma yoga is helping others in tasks without asking for anything in return. Simply for the act of giving), and sharing moments of creativity with others. This journey has brought me unparalleled joy and a sense of fulfillment. I've never been happier, freer, or more balanced in life, than I am now.


Embracing my wisdom in spirituality, I weave meditation and mindfulness into my daily routine, recognising the profound impact of energy in creating successful, yet fulfilling life. For me, it's not just about building a profitable business; it's about crafting a joyful life. 

Guiding Principals.

I try to adhere to the following life rules to ensure my personal growth, evolution, and happiness.


Be true to yourself!

Integrity is everything! I make sure to keep it real and stay honest in everything I do, whether it's designing products, teaching, leading, or just being creative. Trust is key, and I always strive to maintain it by being transparent and accountable.


What makes your heart sing?

So, I've figured out that if I do what makes me happy, everything else just falls into place. If something doesn't feel right, I just stop, switch gears, and focus on what really excites me. It's been a game-changer for me, both in my personal and professional life.


Mind, Body, Soul

Maintaining balance in life is super important to me, especially because of my neuro-divergence. I've found that practicing meditation, mindfulness,  really helps me achieve that balance. That's why I make this topic a big focus in my business!


The Grand Plan

I've learned that fighting against the flow of life just causes me stress and worry. So, I just follow my gut and let it lead me to some pretty amazing things. It's crazy how it always seems to work out and I end up feeling super amazed and manifesting some awesome stuff.

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Why MosquitoEffect?

Named after the insightful words of the Dalai Lama, "If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." 

I believe that by living a life aligned with our passions, we naturally radiate positive effects into the global collective. My company stands as a testament to the transformative influence of embracing one's true calling and the profound impact that even the smallest actions can have on the broader tapestry of humanity. In essence Do More Of What Makes Your Heart Sing (and the rest will take care os itself).


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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

WhatsApp. +351 932368642

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Tap into non-linear abilities...

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