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BRIAN, Entrepreneur

Slick and fun- this is how I would describe working with Steph. The work was delivered fast, and her style worked well with our company.

Green House

MARIA, Farm to Table

I wanted, no needed, my organic garden to stand out in an innovative way. Steph-Anise helped us do that. I'm so happy.

JEZ, Start-Up

I kind-of new what I wanted but didn't know how to make that happen. Working with Steph really helped to design from the heart. It really made a difference.

“What an awesome experience. Steph-Anise has become a friend that happens to guide me in my design journey".

Alexa Young, CA

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Female Baker

TORY, Baker

Working with Steph-Anise was a game changer. She taught me how to establish a consistent and solid identify online. This has helped me so much with not just growing my community but, connecting with the perfect customers. Thank you.

Yoga Teacher

ELIZABETH, Yoga Teacher

I'm soooo excited!!! I've just made my first sale. You have been amazing- helping me grow my yoga business with mindful merch Im so proud of. I didn't want to be another producer, I wanted something unique and special- this is what I have.

Pensive Coffee Time

JOSH, Pool Services

I had no clue where to start. I knew my website was lacking. Connecting with Steph was an experience I won't forget. She helped me on so many levels. My website now really is something.


"My business partner Sylvia and I are at the start of our journey together, we have lots of enthusiasm and plenty of ideas along with a strong commercial awareness of what we want to do and how we would like to grow LeVia into a successful operation.


But where I believe we were totally lacking was in both the Marketing and Branding of our product into something exciting and unique, whilst maintaining our core values.  This is where Steph stepped in and we cannot thank her enough for her for her ability to listen and understand what we wanted to do and how we thought it might look.


She didn't take over, but very much encouraged us to think for ourselves, stepping in and translating our vision and dreams into a reality, her interpretation of our thoughts shows her in depth ability to understand, give guidance and interpret.


Thank you Steph from both Sylvia and myself, I am sure we will be talking to you again very soon, as we head towards the next stages of our venture"

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