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Transformational Life Coach Steph-Anise Leader

Transformational Life Coaching

Find your true north...

Welcome to the world of Transformational Life Coaching! Are you ready to embark on a journey of Self-discovery, inner growth, and spiritual alignment? I am here to guide and support you every step of the way.

What sets Transformational Life Coaching apart is its unique approach, combining spiritual wisdom with practical tools and technique's. I understand that consciousness evolution is not just about connecting with a higher power; its about finding harmony within yourself, aligning your mind, body, and soul, and integrating timeless principals into your everyday life.

Transformational Life Coach Steph-Anise Leader

About Coaching Programs

Transformational  Life Coaching will provide you personalized guidance, support and accountability. We will explore various aspects of your life, including relationships, career, health, and personal growth. 

One of the fundamental aspects of my coaching programs is the exploration and understanding of the ego. We will dive deep into the nature of ego and how it can be both a powerful ally and a significant obstacle on our journey towards self-realization. We will unravel its intrinsic layers and discover how it influences your thought's, emotions, and actions. By becoming aware of our unconscious patterns and tendencies, we can begin to separate ourselves from its limiting beliefs and stories, allowing us to step into our true essence.

Expanding your skill sets that are unique to you, meaning that which you resonate most deeply is another crucial aspect of my coaching process. By learning new tools and techniques, you will transcend suffering and move closer to realizing your true north. These may include meditation and mindfulness practices, effective self-inquiry, self-hypnosis, intuitive development techniques, affirmations, manifestation and goal setting, and other various methods that will empower and enhance your life and help you navigate life's challenges with grace and resilience.

As we work together, you'll learn to recognize your mental illusions, trust your intuition, access your inner wisdom, and make empowered decisions. You'll gain clarity on your life purpose, set meaningful goals, and develop a deeper understanding of your authentic self.


Remember, Transformational  Life Coaching is not a quick fix; it is the first step in your lifelong commitment to personal growth and self-discovery. I am here to support you, encourage you, and celebrate your successes every step of the way. 

Why Book A Session?

Transformational Life Coaching is a practice that does not identify with or promote any particular religious beliefs. It is an inclusive and open approach that welcomes individuals from all religious, spiritual, and non-religious backgrounds.

The focus is on personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation, regardless of any affiliations. Inspiration is drawn from various sources, including psychological theories, mindfulness practices, ancient wisdom traditions, and personal development philosophies. This inclusive approach invites individuals to explore their personal growth and transformation in a way that is authentic and meaningful to them.

Transformational Life Coaching attracts individuals from every background imaginable with equally diverse motivations. Below are some common reasons why people seek a coaching method that goes beyond the common egoic surface paradigms.

Some common reasons include:

Choose a program that suits your needs.

Coaching plans are personalized and tailored to meet your unique goals and needs. 

I recognize that every person has their own set of goals, challenges, and areas for growth. Therefore, coaching plans are desinged to address these specific needs and provide a customized approach to support your individual journey of transformation.

Its important to note that these coaching plans serve as a general framework, and the specific content and focus of each session may vary based on your needs and progress. I work closely with you and adapt plans accordingly to ensure its effectiveness for you.

Plan information:

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Indulge yourself in a free 10-day trial to our private community.

  • LEARN from teachings and video guides

  • AWAKEN to your highest potential

  • EVOLVE with our open-hearted community

Start your journey of healing and consciousness evolution as you build a life of purpose, balance, and connection.

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