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Unlock the Power
of your

Human System!

An Inner Journey for a Brighter World

Once you set the intention to journey inward, and realize your most authentic self, you will catalyze a sequence of biological events so profound, your life will never be the same.


Here you will discover that beyond your thinking mind, you have access to extraordinary abilities to heal, evolve and manifest your most joyful and abundant life. 

Welcome to your next chapter!

Annuncemntt Mosquito Effect Private Community

Enjoy a free 10-day trial to my private community.

  • LEARN from teachings and video guides

  • AWAKEN to your highest potential

  • EVOLVE with our open-hearted community

Start your journey of healing and navigate your consciousness awakening as you build a life of purpose, balance, and connection.

10-Day Free Trial to our Private Community - Mosquito Effect
Steph-Anise Leader, Spiritual Teacher & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist


Trust that there is no coincidence in this Universe.

You are in the perfect place right at this moment. Allow me to be your trusted guide as you begin to explore the depths of your inner being and realize your infinite Self.

Join Steph-Anise Leader as she shares her insight and wisdom, helping you unlock a life-changing journey of personal growth.

Steph-Anise's guidance, support, and latest offerings that will help transform your life and our world, emailed to you monthly.

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"Steph-Anise is an unbelievable human. Exceptional talent for seeing into the depths of your soul and being its guide. I can not recommend her enough."

Danielle B.

Steph-Anise Leader, Spiritual Teacher & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist
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